Rainy Days= "Yinny" Days

On rainy days, people often come to my office, shake out there umbrella, and say "Wow, what an aweful day. It's terrible out there." It's so easy to fall into that mentality on gloomy days. We're wet and sometimes cold. People are often terrible drivers and are generally crankier, and their mood can be infectious.

If we start to think of rainy days as"Yinny" days--or those full of lots of the grounding Yin energy, they aren't so bad. We need Yin to balance out our Yang. If we were all Yang, we'd burn up. Yang is warming, aggressive, and fast paced. Yin helps keep us grounded, calm, and stable. Yin is slow like molasses. Being more "Yinny" helps us be more receptive in life. It allows for us to be magnetic-- to draw in amazing people and experiences. We can replenish our Yin by embracing these "Yinny" days.

So next time the rain is ruining your mood, think Yin, and don't let your mind get in your way of having a day full of wonder.

ps. It's true that rainy days often make one's joint pain worse. If this is the case, you have what we in TCM call Dampness in your joints. We can treat this through Acupuncture and herbs so you too can enjoy the "Yinny" days!