Summer Travel

Getting ready for a trip this summer?
Don’t forget to pick up some Pearl Apothecary treats before you go!

Rest Easy Aroma Oil:
We’ve all experienced a sleepless night before a trip. For some of us, it’s the excitement that keeps us awake. A wonderful adventure awaits and we cannot get a wink of sleep! For others, thoughts race with travel anxiety. Did I pack everything? Will the TSA line be a million miles long?
Help quiet your mind and get those necessary pre-travel Zzz’s with our Rest Easy Aroma. Formulated specifically for people who have trouble sleeping, this blend features Roman Chamomile and emits a dreamy, herbaceous smell.

Bug Away:
Nothing ruins a vacation more than bug bites! For my fellow mosquito magnets out there, you know the woes of choosing between wearing layers in the heat or stinking of bug repellent. Worry no more! Bug Away offers a delightful smell that humans will adore and bugs will abhor! This DEET-free, lemony, herbaceous formula includes Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Geranium and Rosewood essential oils.

Acupressure Bracelet:
Plane rides can be a time for reflection and relaxation. You can kick off your shoes, read a book or just marvel at the tapestry below. However, if you are one of 66% of people susceptible to motion sickness, this form of transportation can be, frankly, hellish. Long car rides or boat rides can be more of the same. Designed and made by Dr. Mary Claire Dilks, Inner Gate's Acupressure Bracelets provide fashionable, effective relief from nausea. Designed to stimulate the PC-6 point, a primary acupuncture point used to harmonize the stomach, these bracelets are available in a variety of gorgeous gem stones, including Jasper, Green Fluorite and Quartz. Bracelets are adjustable and can be made to order!

Guardian Aroma Oil:
About to enter a long TSA line? Want to avoid picking up on other people’s travel stress and anxiety? Rub a bit of Guardian Aroma Oil on the back of your neck! Packaged in a travel friendly glass roller, Guardian Aroma Oil is designed to protect highly sensitive people from the energy of others. The oils include a delightful blend of Melissa, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Frankincense and Sandalwood.