Acupuncture in Pregnancy: Safe and Effective Relief

For centuries, pregnant women have safely used Acupuncture to manage symptoms, improve energy and overall well being. As a treatment that has virtually no side effects, does not harm the growing child, and actually promotes relaxation and wellness, Acupuncture is a perfect answer to a variety of complaints that can make the 40 weeks of pregnancy miserable.

While there are a few points that should be avoided during pregnancy, there are over 300 that can be safely used to treat conditions such as morning sickness, low back pain, low platelets, headaches, allergies, swelling, insomnia, constipation, heartburn, anxiety and much more. The treatment involves using very gentle stimulation on certain points on the body known to cause a specific effect- whether it is to relieve nausea, regulate digestion, calm the mind, relax tight muscles, etc.

Not only does this treatment work to relieve the symptoms right away, it works to treat the root cause of the problem as well. This way, the problem can be treated not just temporarily. Pregnancy is a truly remarkable time and the female body does a LOT of work to grow and support a baby.

Treatment during pregnancy is very gentle. We use thinner needles, shorter duration of treatment, and suggest herbs only if they are highly recommended for the health of the mother. Usually weekly sessions are best. If the condition is very severe we might recommend that women come in up to three times per week for a couple of weeks. Usually, an improvement is noticed within 1-2 sessions, and results can be longer lasting after 6-8. Each point gives your body a signal to change. When you repeat that signal, the body gets the message and the change is longer lasting.

Acupuncture can improve labor outcomes in the last weeks of pregnancy. It's a wonderful support to prepare for labor, reduce anxiety and relax tension. Labor has been shown to be shorter and more productive in women who have had pre-birth acupuncture. Certain points have also been used throughout history to gently induce labor in post-term pregnancies!