honeysuckle clearing oil


honeysuckle clearing oil


Honeysuckle clearing oil is a luxurious and gentle blend of oils to nourish, calm and clear the skin. This product used to be called Lonicera Clearing Oil, but it’s the same formula!

I made this gentle oil years ago for a patient with peri-oral dermatitis to use as an everyday moisturizer, and it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin who can breakout. With only 5 ingredients, it’s a simple yet effective.

Japanese Honeysuckle, or Lonicera Japonica, is known to fight "toxic heat" in chinese medicine which makes it antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and we gently infuse it in organic grape seed oil which has antioxidants and is a light oil that absorbs quickly.

Maracuja oil, also known as passion fruit seed oil, is antibacterial and contains natural ceramides to nourish the skin barrier.

Squalane provides just enough moisture to keep skin clear and healthy and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

We added a very small amount of the prized Jin yin hua (honeysuckle) essential oil to impart more of the healing properties of the flowers, and this gives Honeysuckle Clearing Oil and VERY subtle floral yet earthy aroma.

Non-gmo mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) is an antioxidant that preserves the freshness of the oils.

Use 3-5 drops to moisturize the skin after cleansing 1-2 times per day. If your skin requires extra moisture, add several drops to your moisturizer.

Because this product is infused in-house, product smell may vary slightly from batch to batch. Herbal particles may also be visible and only makes the product more potent over time!

30mL glass dropper bottle

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