Happy Aromatherapy Bracelet

Happy Aromatherapy Bracelet


Orange calcite promotes emotional balance and helps people move past traumas, apathy and lethargy.

I learned about this stone when I was researching stones to help people move past PESD or "post-election stress disorder."

Of course, it can be used to help people reach emotional balance in other areas as well!

Matte black onyx helps release negative emotion.

Lava beads make a perfect wearable aromatherapy diffuser. You can use your own essential oils on this bracelet. Just put a couple of drops on the beads, wait a few minutes and then wear as long as desired, slowly diffusing the oils over the course of the day. Be careful with skin reactions to essential oils since they may come into contact with the delicate skin on your wrist. If you have sensitive skin, you may consider diluting your oils, use a very small amount of oils, or wait an extended period of time for the oils to absorb into the lava beads.

The matte black onyx may turn shinier if they come into contact with oils.

7" on pre-stretched nylon cord

(Can be made larger! Just put a note in with your order!)

*description is not a substitute for medical advice, and go see your doctor for all medical conditions!*

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